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Nasty Nitrites and Nitrates

By Jack and Miriam on November 7, 2007

Its really been great that their has been more in the Media about the negative effects of Nitrates and Nitrites. Not only is it linked to cancer in the long term, but has many short term side effects like triggering asthma attacks, headaches, dizziness, breathing difficulties and destroys red blood cells (Infomation sourced from the chemical Maze 2nd edition) .

Sadly they put the bad word on bacon and fail to mention that nitrates are used even in many fresh sausages and all fermented salamis (you are not allowed to make a fermented meat product to sell in Australia without them) but don’t give any information about how to source nitrite free products. You will be surprised how often nitrites/nitrates show up in many different foods. The food additive numbers to look out for are 250, 251 and 252.

Being a Certified Organic Grower, and after having raised our pigs with such care toward their health, we feel that it is just as important to take equal care with the way the pork is processed for the health of the people that eat it. That is why we chose from the very beginning, to not use nitrites and nitrates in our ham, bacon and salami, and make our sausages free of preservatives, using only natural spices to flavour them.

Another sad thing is the resistance of Butchers to make a Nitrate Free Product. Many actually told us that it was illegal to make ham and bacon without the nasties. So much negative hype is made about food poisoning and bacteria, much like in the case of raw milk. Don’t people realise that when an animal is raised in a clean enviroment with the ability to graze/select thier own feed, that the actual products from these animals are higher in natural antioxidants and are not a natural harbour for bacteria.

Wow, I was getting quite passionate there. I can only say that as a consumer, you and I have the ultimate power to support food that enhances, not dimishes our wellbeing.

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  1. Interesting!
    In Denmark there is no use of nitrate and nitrite in organic produce
    - EU has made it legal to use nitrite in organic food -but the danish organic producers have decided not to use it. However if you buy a regular sausage it is full of nitrites.
    and people have forgotten how bacon and sausages taste and look without it.
    I must admit it took a while for me to get use to the more mellow colour of organic bacon as well.
    There his been several cases of spanish sausages with plenty of Potassium nitrate- it is illegal to use here- even in conventional products, but somehow the south part of Europe wants its meat VERY red.

  2. 2. Bronwyn Sach
    Jan 4th, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    I would love to know what brand of produce you sell and if I can get it in inner west sydney?

  3. yeah its really sad about nitrates and n nitrites, i wish i could find organic salami, without nitrites nitrates or any of the junk they put in food nower days.

    if anyone knows where to get nirite/junk free salami, i would love to know.

  4. I was recently on your website and it says you have kurobuta pork? I thought you raised berkshires. Anyway, I looked up kurobuta and they say they are very rare and that to be accept as such they have to be DNA tested. Is this true and if so have you had yours tested?

  5. 5. Ron Sinclair
    Jun 23rd, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    It is really exciting to be able to get genuine organic pork, from Berkshire pigs living humanely and happily. The Pasture Perfect Pork is delicious and produced with integrity, and without any nitrates, nitrites or other harmful ingredients. Not surprising the Kylie Kwong is now using PPP in her restaurant in Sydney, as well as other top restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. Great that Joanne has arranged supplies for Nourished locals, as a premium product. By the way, we love the pork recipes in the book, “Eat Fat, Lose Fat” by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon.

  6. I live in Brisbane nothern suburbs. Can anyone advise where can I buy nitrite bacon and ham. Many thanks

  7. Oops I meant nitrite FREE bacon and ham products I want.

  8. im also in north brisbane and am trying to source nitrate free bacon and ham products.
    I am also trying to find out about Herd Share in Brisbane or surrounding. Does anyone know if such a thing exists in Brisbane yet?

  9. For raw milk subscribe to A new website is due soon which will help you gather people to create a co-operative in your area and buy your own cows.

  10. check out

    These friends of mine, here in Canada, have several types of good meat (sausages, bacon…) without any nasty stuff.
    You might be too far away to order from them, but they have a lot of contacts and might be able to help you find a source in your area.

  11. Thanks for all the interested lately on the Nitrate and Nitrite Free Ham and Bacon Products that we make. There are a couple of things that I have learnt recently that I felt I should share with you all to clarify some things.

    There are such things as natural Nitrates. I didn’t know previously, but Nitrates naturally occur in Sea Salt. They occur in very small amounts and are not chemically altered in any way from how they occur naturally, but they are there. Nitrates also occur in Green Leafy Plants and Vegetables. I am definitely not saying that natural nitrates are bad and that we should stay away from sea salt or green leafy plants/vegetables. When nitrates occur naturally and are not chemically isolated from the other salts and compounds around them, they do not seen to have the same harmful effects. Salt Sequestrants such as Sodium Nitrite, Potassium Nitrite, Saltpetre or Quick cure are chemically isolated/altered and should be avoided.

    For those of you looking for Ham and Bacon, there are a few outlets in Brisbane and surrounds that stock it. I have written a new post on the difference between Certified Organic and Free Range Pork and have an updated stockist list on it. I also am updating our website, where you can see our pigs grazing on the pastures that we grow from them.

  12. Miriam, thank you so much for the information about nitrates and certified organic pork. We have tried your pork and bacon, and found it delicious. We did not realize how healthy it is - Wow! On following up with our own research, we now understand how dedicated you and Jack at Pasture Perfect are in producing fully certified organic and free range pork, without any “nasties” in it. There is nothing else on the market that compares with it!
    Please keep us posted where we can get it, I understand that it will be available in Byron Bay this week. Happy pigs, happy customers, many thanks for your efforts.

  13. Tommi,

    Try the Northey Street Organic Markets in Brisbane on Sunday mornings from 6 - 11 am. You will find all your certified organic requirements there. You can also obtain raw milk as “Bath Milk” without a herdshare in Brisbane. Check at the markets on Sunday and you should be able to source Aphrodite Bath Milk there, which is certified organic milk, from grass fed jersey cows. Nitrate free pork products are available via Pasture Perfect, check the webwsite for stockists in Brisbane - the pork is delicious, and certified organic.

  14. Thanks for the kind words Jack, and also for helping out with info re: where to get the raw milk. I only wish that I could get it out here where we live, but the only option for us at the moment is to buy it in bulk and freeze it… or to buy a cow :)

    I was hugely surprised tonight to have my sister call me and congratulate me for being in the Courier Mail today. I had no idea they were writing a piece about what we do. Nice to be noticed in a positive way though. Thanks for all the support that Pasture Perfect Pork gets from people like you all that truly wish to nurture and nourish themselves and their families.

    Wholly Smoked Butcher at Byron Bay now has the certified organic fresh pork as well. Thanks to the dedicated Nourishers that campaigned for it. Clive is due for a box of porkie goodies!!


    P.S. I didn’t respond to the blog for quite a while as I had lost the password. Sorry folks, but I will try to get through them now.

    Bronwyn, The pork is available at Dulwich Hill Gourmet Meats, Marrickville Road Dulwich Hill, is that inner west enough?

    Adrian, We are trialling a sodium and potassium nitrite free dry cured salami at the moment, but it will be 4 - 6 weeks until we get to try the end result, if it is all good, then we will have a selection of dry cured, fermented certified organic salamis that we think are really exciting!!

    Sandy, Yes we do have kurobuta. We were some of the founding members of The Australian Berkshire Breeders Association that had DNA testing done (sent to Japan to confirm with Kurobuta DNA).

    Ron, Thanks for your kind support. Comments like yours make the hours worked seem shorter and the challenges, just hiccups along the way.

    Denise, Fundimentals at Paddington should have the certified organic Pasture Perfect ham and Bacon. Its a pity we don’t go to the Northey Street markets, I used to really love the immediate feed back we got from customers when we had the face to face contact at Markets.

  15. Jack, thank you so much for the info.We aren’t too far from the Northey St markets but haven’t headed down there as yet. Will be there on Sunday in search of my goodies….thanks again

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