Pasture Perfect Pork

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Pasture Perfect Pork

By Jack and Miriam on July 31, 2007

This is our first post on our new Nourishing blog. We hope to share with you stories about our free range pig farm and our lives.

I (Miriam) was out this morning at dawn, doing the usual checks on sows and piglets and found a mother that had decided that she was not going to have her babies in one of the little houses that we fill with hay. She made up her own little nest with dry grass and had her 8 babies where she wanted to. That just means that I need to move the little house to her instead and renew/add to the straw that she had already gathered so they have a nice snug little home. Some of the mothers are very protective (yes this one was too) and some mornings I can feel a little like a lion tamer when I need to do things in the little house with them like ear tag all the babies. We try to do as little as possible to upset the mums and babies at this time, so they can all settle into a lovely feeding routine.

It has been a good winter so far for us. We have had rain enough to plant (direct drill) some barley into the paddocks so there is lots of green feed for the pigs through winter and spring. We use a no till planter so that we don’t disturb the summer grasses, but as they are dormant through winter, we like to put some winter crop in their to give the piggies extra greens. We would love another couple of inches of rain now though, if anyone has any connections :)

I tried to put a couple of photos in this morning, so that you could see what goes on here at the farm, but ran into a problem. I will try again. Until later. Take Care. Miriam

COMMENTS - 4 Responses

  1. Hi Miriam,so good to read about your happy piggies!
    Can I find this wonderful food in Sydney?
    If so,where?

  2. Hi Miriam,so good to read about your happy piggies!
    Can I find this wonderful food in Sydney?
    If so,where?

  3. Hi Millie,
    I feel Terrible that I have not gotten to check on the blog for over a month. Time really flies on the farm sometimes. We are trying to get our Certified Organic and Nitrate Free Pork Products into Macro so they are widely availble in Sydney. I think that any contact that they get asking for our products would help to sway their decision.
    Thanks Miriam

  4. Hi Miriam
    It is so heartening to know these pigs and piglets under your loving care are thriving and happy. I was reading the comments and was wondering how you went with Macro? If you haven’t had any success yet, I have friends in Sydney that shop there and I’m sure will be happy to contact Macro (as am I) to encourage them to stock your product. This country needs to follow your farming habits and start treating pigs with the respect they deserve. Thanks, KJ


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